2018 Year In Review

2018 Year In Review

2018: The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

2018 started off well and even ended pretty well, it just somehow got off track somewhere in the middle. In this post I will detail what went well, what didn't go so well and what I plan to work on for 2019!

What went well….

Links Inc.

This year I was inducted into the Winston-Salem Chapter of The Links, Inc. If you are familiar with the organization then you will understand why this is such a big deal and why I felt like it was such an accomplishment. I have wanted to be a Link for many years and many of the wonderful black women that I admire, such as Kamala Harris, Vy Lyles and Keisha Bottoms, are members of the organization. You can check out more information here: www.linksinc.org

MBA Program

The MBA program started off a little rocky, but I will say that this past year was much better. I have learned a lot in the program and learned even more about myself personally. As I have progressed, the classes have gotten more interesting and are more geared towards my strengths. For instance, I do better in classes that are more analytical (Finance) and less philosophical (any class where I have to write a paper, lol).


Even though I traveled often, I only visited a few new countries this year (new countries*) and no new states:

  • Blue Mountain, Canada

  • Oranjestad, Aruba

  • Bridgetown, Barbados*

  • Panama City, Panama*


  • Houston, TX

  • St. Augustine, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, Daytona Beach, FL*

  • Washington, DC (x3)

  • NYC, NY

  • Sacramento, CA

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Fort Mill, SC

  • Charlotte, Durham, Winston-Salem, NC

*I’m from Florida and the flights back are really inexpensive ;)

My goal is currently to visit 2-3 new countries or states each year. I’m trying to get to 100 countries and all 50 states but I don’t have a specific timeframe. I’ve currently been to 20 countries and 28 states. I keep track via the Been app.

Business and Book writing

I got serious early in the year and finally launched my website and organized my resources to continue writing my book. I have probably been working on this book for 2-3 years now if I’m being really honest with myself. While I’m not as far along as I would like to be, I am much farther along than I was. If you see me, please feel free to ask me how the book writing is coming along!

What didn’t go so well…


I have never been a fitness buff, but I have always maintained a certain level of faux fitness. This year I can officially say that is out the door. Since moving to NC I have gained 20 pounds. Looking back at old photos I probably needed to gain 8 pounds, but not 20. As someone who has never really been overweight it has been difficult for me to accept that my clothes no longer fit and that I need to change my eating habits.


I started working on my Private Pilot License in 2017 and had been flying regularly up until I started the MBA program. I don’t currently have a ton of free time, so this is probably a goal I won’t start working on seriously again until I complete the MBA program. I do feel very passionately about this goal though, as there are not many female pilots and even fewer black female pilots. Read more about female pilots here: www.ninety-nines.org

Business and Book Writing

While I did extremely well in this area in the first four months of the year, after April my progress tapered off. I have been trying to pinpoint what the turning point was. I have a number of theories.

  1. Links Inc. Service Project and Induction-this took up a large chunk of my time in April and May

  2. Also in May was my annual Orthodontic Conference in DC and my vacation in Aruba

  3. Weddings, events and trips in every remaining month of the year. (Seriously. Every single month. I’m just now realizing how much time and effort went into packing, unpacking and planning travel. I’m very passionate about travel, so it’s unlikely that I will travel less, but being able to see that this is where a significant amount of time and energy went is helpful.)

  4. Summer hours in the MBA program, which translated into fewer weeks but longer hours

What I plan to work on…

My 2019 Goals so far:

  • Complete MBA program (Aug 2019)

  • Write 50 pages of my book

  • Lose 12 pounds

  • Save for/Purchase an Investment property

  • Continue Private Pilot lessons

  • Grow Speaking Business

What are some things you’re planning to work on in 2019??




Consistency Is Key!

Consistency Is Key!